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Who is PJ?

Born in Southampton (UK), PJ Sherman moved to Pembroke Dock (Wales) when he was only 5 years old, where he grew up experiencing the wonders of the famous Pembrokeshire Coast and all of its Jurassic history. Unfortunately, the closest he came to meeting dinosaurs was at 'Dinosaur Park' near Tenby (look it up, you won't be disappointed!)

Finding his flair for writing at an early age and obtaining influence from the mystical history of Pembrokeshire with its Celtic heritage and Tudor history, PJ Sherman started to flex his writing (wings?) by writing a number of magazine articles and amateur scripts for his friend's Doctor Who fan series. After becoming an adult (when was that?), PJ moved back to Southampton in 2008 for University, where he studied Screenwriting. After graduating, he lived in Cardiff, Bristol, Dubai, Switzerland and Guernsey where he worked in the Financial Services industry, specialising in Wealth Management, Private Equity and Funds (yawn!)

In 2018, after the end of a long term relationship (insert sad emojis here), PJ moved back to Southampton, where he finished his first published collection of short stories (available here) & various short stories (of which, he won a short story competition through Writing Magazine!

PJ moved to Manchester in May 2022 & has since been working on his YouTube channels Life of PJ, Serial Chillers & Spooky Shenanigans, his podcast Spooky Shenanigans & has just published his new book "Slay, Britannia: The UK's Most Evil Serial Killers". 

PJ Sherman is actively looking for representation on a number of titles, currently in the works, so if you are an Agent or Publisher, please get in touch via the Contact page.

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