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A schoolgirl. An affair. Blackmail and murder. This short story will have you sweating and second guessing your loyalties.

The Sins of the Mother

The instructions were clear; I was to head to a small, seaside town in Wales called Tenby. Supposedly that was where my Father was...


There’s a figure in the shadows. I can see it in the corner of my eye. It’s following me, watching me. I don’t know what it wants Mum, but..


There was a crunch in the snow. My eyes snapped open. A knock at the door. My heart sank and my body went ice cold again.

The End of the Road (Part 2)

Dear Readers, Thank you for coming back! I've enjoyed the feedback you've given and will certainly use it to write even stronger short...

The End of the Road (Part 1)

THE END OF THE ROAD (PART ONE): “Joanne, you get that story or you’re finished here. No more excuses.” The line goes dead. My boss can be

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