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DAY 5 - EPCOT: An Out-of-this-World Adventure with 'Life of PJ'

Greetings, adventurers and Disney lovers! Prepare for liftoff as 'Life of PJ' takes you on a magical, thrill-packed journey in their latest YouTube video, "DAY 5 - EPCOT | ORLANDO HOLIDAY."

PJ and Verity, your enthusiastic space cadets for the day, invite you to build a new future on Spaceship Earth. As they journey through time and space, you're right there with them, sharing the wonder and excitement. But hold onto your space helmets, folks! The adventure is just beginning.

Next, our dynamic duo lands in France (well, Disney's delightful rendition), sampling delectable delights at Ratatouille. Savour the mouthwatering descriptions of gourmet dishes as they embark on this delicious journey. It’s like a foodie’s dream come true!

Just when you thought the excitement had peaked, PJ takes you on the high-octane TestTrack ride, where he almost loses his phone! Feel the adrenaline rush, the near-miss, and the shared laughter that make this moment the highlight of the day.

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And don’t be shy! Join the community in the comments section below. Share your favourite EPCOT experience or tell us about your most memorable holiday mishap. Let's transform 'Life of PJ' into a bustling hub of adventure and storytelling!

Strap in, secure your belongings, and blast off to an out-of-this-world adventure with "DAY 5 - EPCOT | ORLANDO HOLIDAY". With 'Life of PJ', every day is a new voyage of discovery and you're always invited along for the ride!

PJ Sherman / Life of PJ / Epcot

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