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DAY 6 - More Than Gators: Venturing Beyond the Theme Parks with 'Life of PJ'

Get ready to take a walk, or rather a high-speed glide, on the wild side! 'Life of PJ' is back with another exhilarating day in Orlando, stepping away from the theme parks and diving into the heart of Florida's enchanting wilderness, shopping scenes, and vibrant nightlife. Check out their latest YouTube video "DAY 6 - BOGGY CREEK ALLIGATOR TOUR | ORLANDO HOLIDAY."

PJ and Verity kick off the day with a thrilling Boggy Creek Airboat Adventure, skimming over the marshes in search of Florida's most famous inhabitants - alligators! Watch as they explore the alligator-infested waters, leaving the hustle and bustle of Orlando behind to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Everglades.

But the adventure doesn't end there. Next, our intrepid duo hit the shopping high spots of Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia, showing you how to shop till you drop, Floridian style! Catch PJ's reaction as he tastes his first Carlo's cookie - spoiler, it's positively mouthwatering!

The day rounds off with a stroll through Old Town Orlando and a trip to Downtown Orlando. After a day on their feet, PJ and Verity find respite in the cozy embrace of The Savoy, a quaint little bar that's a perfect spot to wind down. It's a testament to the fact that Orlando offers more than just the theme parks and is truly worth exploring!

Fancy joining the exploration? Then make sure to subscribe to 'Life of PJ', hit that like button, and share the video with your fellow explorers. Every like, share, and comment fuels more epic adventures, and PJ loves hearing from you!

What’s your favorite off-the-beaten-track spot in Orlando? Got any wild gator encounters to share? Drop a comment below and join the conversation. With 'Life of PJ', the journey never ends. So hop on board and discover the hidden gems of Orlando with "DAY 6 - BOGGY CREEK ALLIGATOR TOUR | ORLANDO HOLIDAY". You're in for a wild ride!

PJ Sherman / Life of PJ / Boggy Creek Alligator Tour

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