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Millennials! Swipe RIGHT on Life Insurance!

Hey Readers - this is a blog I put together for a really cool, new Life Insurance company that is focusing its attention on Millennials - they get us! Have a read and check them out - link at bottom of the page.

Listen to this - I bet I can guess that you’re reading this on your phone. Am I right? Thought so. As a Millennial, we’re pretty much on our phones most of the day, whether it’s for work related stuff or checking social media (I mean, cat gifs on Instagram - am I right?) It’s what we’re about - consuming nearly all of our media through our phones.

Even the important, adult things we do like paying the rent or car insurance, we do on our phones.

So why can’t we do other, equally important things like sorting out Life Insurance, on our phones?

A year ago, a study would have been claiming that your reaction to even trying to talk about ‘adult stuff’ would have been a groan, but recent studies have shown that us Millennials are far more switched on when it comes to Life Insurance than other generations would believe.

Comparethemarket said that ‘more than 40% of its life insurance customers over the fourth

quarter were in this age bracket’. We’re serious people now; buying homes, starting families,

getting married - we care about those we care about and the FOMO factor sets in - don’t miss out on Life Insurance too!

Despite us being known as the generation of Tinder - sometimes quite mockingly - businesses are starting to realise the mistake in not seeing us as a generation that actually cares more about these things thanks to growing up in the financial crisis. Businesses starting to adapt and make their information available to us through apps - I mean, why do I want to waste time speaking to a middle man, when I can tap on my phone and get a result - will benefit from our custom and won’t push us to a company that does understand how we purchase.

Just look at Uber & AirBnb; Easy to use. No contracts. Pay for what you use. Simple, clean and all on our phones. It’s how us Millennials purchase. So why not do it for Life Insurance too?

We like to live in the moment, but we’ve also got our heads screwed on enough to say “Hey! I need to protect the one’s I love…just in case.”

So do me a favour - take a look at yulife and what they have to offer you. They’re pretty awesome!

Millennial Out!

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