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My Writing Goals - 2018

Dear Readers,

Today, I share with you my 5 Writing Goals for 2018. Some are pretty straight forward, others are pretty cliche, but some may surprise you. Try it!

Write down 10 goals you want to achieve in 2018 and then make them happen. Quick!

We've both only got about 9 months left...Here are mine, in RANK ORDER:

1. FINISH MY FIRST NOVEL - Pembroke Jones' story needs to be told. It's a mission to create two worlds with varying realities, but it will be worth it in the end. Just keep swimming Dory!

2. GET MY FIRST AGENT - Arguably, I could go down the self-publishing route. I'm a businessman and salesman by trade, so the things most authors would find difficult would come naturally to me. However, I don't know the industry inside out or have contacts in major publishing houses. An agent would be invaluable, plus traditional publishing excites me! Come and get me Agents!

3. START MY SECOND NOVEL - "What!? You don't want to publish your first novel yet!?" I hear you cry out, wondering if I should be dragged away by the crazies in white overalls. There's method to this madness. Not only does it stop me becoming fixated on a project that may not sell, it demonstrates to my Agent and publishers that I'm not a one trick pony, I would be well worth the long term commitment and that I wouldn't burn out after the first book was finished.

4. WIN A SHORT STORY COMPETITION - Whether it's the Yeovil Literary Prize or the Wells Festival of Literature (or any other amazing festivals!) I want to win at least one of them. Not for the fame or the glory or the sizeable prize money, but for validation. Validation that people outside of my circle enjoy my writing. That's very important, that my audience enjoys what I create.

5. GET TWO WRITING PARTNERS - This one may surprise you, but I'm actually looking for two writing partners that can critique my work and I will return the favour. One has to write the same genres as I do (Fantasy/SF/Crime/Thriller), whilst the other will write in completely alternative genres (Romance/Non-Fiction Science texts etc). It will allow us to create a positive trio of passionate individuals, striving towards similar goals. Hit me up if that could be you!

Well I hope that gave you more of a flavour of who I am and what I'm looking to achieve this year in terms of my writing goals. What are your goals?

Comment below and I'll respond!

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