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Rainbows over the Roller Coasters: Blackpool Pride 2022 with "Life of PJ"

Hey there, vibrant voyagers!

PJ here, donning my brightest hues and stepping into a world bursting with colour, love, and unbridled joy. That's right, we took a trip to Blackpool, and this wasn’t for the usual roller coaster rides or the sea breeze; it was for something even more magical — our very first Blackpool Pride!

🌈 Pride Parade: A Symphony of Colours

Blackpool came alive in a riot of colours, as thousands paraded the streets, each individual a unique shade in this beautiful human spectrum. And the energy? Absolutely infectious! It’s one thing to hear about Pride; experiencing it firsthand is a whole different ball game.

👯 Familiar Faces & New Encounters

No adventure is complete without a trusty squad. By my side were the ever-enthusiastic Sam, and introducing for the first time on the "Life of PJ" chronicles - Gerard! If you thought our usual adventures were packed with shenanigans, just wait till you see the trio in action amidst the vibrant backdrop of Pride.

🎡 More than Just a Parade

While the parade was the heart of the Pride experience, Blackpool offered so much more. Stages with live music that had us dancing non-stop, booths with shimmering merchandise, and a community vibe that had us feeling right at home. Blackpool Pride was as much about celebration as it was about unity, acceptance, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Wrapping up the Rainbow Ride

As we waved goodbye to Blackpool, our hearts were heavier with love, and our souls sparkled just a tad bit more. Blackpool Pride wasn't just an event; it was a reminder of the beauty of diversity, love, and acceptance.

Can't get enough of our Pride shenanigans? 🎉 For glimpses of rainbow flags, dazzling outfits, and moments that tugged at our heartstrings, head on over to @the_lifeofpj on Instagram. Every snapshot is a story, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out!

For the full spectrum of our Blackpool Pride adventures, shimmy over to the "Life of PJ" on YouTube. And as always, join the celebration by liking, sharing, and dropping some love in the comments.

Till the next spectrum of adventures unfolds, PJ 🌈

Feeling the love? Want to experience every hue of our journey? Dive into the rainbow with us on "Life of PJ" on YouTube. Don't forget to spread the love, share the joy, and leave your colorful mark in our community.

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