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Real Estate - Welcome Home!

For those who REALLY know me, you'll KNOW that I LOVE Real Estate.

Love - Love - Love... Real Estate.

It's a passion of mine and has been for a number of years. Why, you ask? Well take a look at the property above; never mind the impressive winding drive that leads up to a stunning mansion, consider the whole ecosystem that surrounds property. It's the brokers, it's the wallpaper, it's the dirt value, it's the memories made, it's the smell of a new build. Nerds like me will get me - I can already hear you shouting words of support:

"Go PJ - we get you!" and "Yes, PJ - I DO know what you mean by the smell of that particular kitchen unit finish!"

Thanks guys, you're the best!

Anyway, back to my point. The reason behind this verbal waterfall is to let you know that I will be turning my passion into what this website will start to focus and specialise in = PROPERTY/REAL ESTATE. It will be in the form of blog posts as well as a magazine filled with all sorts of information and helpful hints. It will be primarily aimed at Buyers/Sellers, but will also benefit those that work within the property/real estate industry too. Can't leave my brothers and sisters out in the cold now can I?

What I'll cover within the blog and magazine will be the following:

1) Global Real Estate - market updates and trends

2) Hot Spots - where to buy real estate

3) My Favourites - featured properties in locations that I love, which include; Non-London UK, Orlando and Calgary

4) Sprucing up your home - interior design tips

5) New developments

6) Terms - what do they mean?

7) Broker of the month - I introduce you to my favourite brokers, so you know where to turn in your hour of need

My first blog post will be up in the next week and will help you prepare to sell your house by taking you through the BASICS of preparing your house for a viewing.

Speak soon!


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